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David Lipper has established himself as a versatile actor, having sustained an incredibly successful career spanning across Film, TV and Theatre. From comedy to drama, playing both heroes, villains and underdogs he has built up a huge body of work and recognition throughout his career.

Born in Montreal, Canada, David starred in several productions there before moving to Los Angeles over 20 years ago. He starred as the lead antagonist in the hit Canadian show (CTV network) Time Of Your Life which ran for 150 episodes.

David completed a BFA in Musical Theater in the prestigious program at Emerson College. He left for Los Angeles that same year, just after completing a two month run as Fyedka in Fiddler on The Roof.

Sitcom Successes

It didn't take long for things to take off in Los Angeles. David quickly found himself testing for a sitcom pilot at ABC Network, and by the next year had been the star of the Bright/Kaufman/Crane show Reality Check, which they developed alongside Friends. Leslie Moonvees discovered David as a talent for Warner Bros Television with hopes that his show would be a hit on the WB network once it fell through at FOX. But co-series lead, Hilary Swank, dropped out once it changed networks and the show ended there. Giovanni Ribisi starred as David's other best friend.

David Lipper Biography
David Lipper Biography

Moonvees was quick to get Lipper on another show and placed him on the hit series Full House. David played the role of Viper, the new lead guitarist in John Stamos' band who soon became DJ's boyfriend. Unfortunately, even though ratings were quite high, ABC decided the show should end in this 8th season.

Lipper quickly found himself on the Martin Short Show, which got pulled quickly for retooling and unfortunately never recovered from there.

After a string of other pilots, Lipper found himself top billing on the Fox Family Channel sitcom, Misguided Angels. The show ran 22 episodes worldwide, but got lost in transition with Fox Family becoming ABC Family.

A Dramatic Next Act

It was here that Lipper saw the industry shifting away from 1/2 hour comedies and into more dramatic fare. He starred in a series of network movies like She Fought Alone, playing the villain Jace opposite Tiffani Thiessen and Brian Austin Green.

And then in the title role of Loves Deadly Triangle: The Texas Cadet Murders opposite Holly Marie Combs. These films were the beginning of many villainous characters for Lipper in made for TV movies. But David soon found himself back as leading man playing "Mr. Right" in the Charisma Carpenter film See Jane Date, based on the book. He was also cast in the dramady, Yard Sale.

David then played the title role in Black Widower, a true story drama about a man who kills three of his wives and eventually gets nailed by a prosecutor (played by Kelly McGillis).

David Lipper is grimly hilarious as the vengeful Dave Moss, relentlessly pressuring his friend George Aaronow (Ian Gomez) to rob the office. His second-act explosion at Roma and Levene is a thing of beauty, a supernova of selfish rage.


Great Productions, Great Reviews

In 2008, David was hungry for good material and decided to take a break from film and television in search of a great theater role. He found himself playing Moss in an L.A. Revival of David Mamet's Pulitzer Prize winning play, Glengarry Glen Ross. David was singled out for outstanding acting in every review of the show, including all the top trades: Variety, Hollywood Reporter, and Back Stage.

David has guest starred on some of the top rated shows on TV, including NCIS, recently shot a 1/2 hour pilot co-written by famed comedy writer Mike Short (SCTV).  He was recently seen starring as the lead antagonist in a new Lifetime movie called Non-Stop opposite Lacey Chabert and theatrical release 2 Jacks with Sienna Miller and Danny Huston.

Lately, the chameleon-like entertainer, who moonlights as a musician in his spare time, could be seen playing an American revolutionary in the History Channel’s mini-series Sons of Liberty; a mustachioed father to teenage victims in the satiric ’80s-type slasher flick Lost After Dark; a National Security Agency analyst in the TV movie Non-Stop; and a fraudulent American investor in post-revolutionary Romania in Pioneers’ Palace. That last one took the hockey aficionado to the Sundance Film Festival for the very first time.

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David Lipper Biography

David's Latest Projects

David has also recently completed a lead opposite Jane Seymour in dance film Jane by Design and a supporting role in Dying of the Light with Nicolas Cage. David was last seen a lead role in recent theatrical release Lost after Dark opposite Robert Patric.

David will next be seen playing a lead in Pioneer's Place premiering at Sundance Film Festival 2015 and staring as Amos, a lead role in new History channel miniseries Sons of Liberty with Ben Barnes and airing on January 25 2015.

David will be attending Sundance 2015 to promote Pioneer's Palace.

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