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Reality Check

Here’s an interesting tale of a failed pilot: In 1993, David starred in a show called Reality Check. His supporting cast included Tiffani Thiessen, Giovani Rabisi, and Hillary Swank.

However, the writer/producers of the show had another pilot that same year: Friends.

Reality Check was slated for Sunday nights between The Simpsons and Married with Children, when Fox got the rights to football. Some genius there thought this show, being high school based, would lose too much of the football family audience. Guess he was kicking himself after seeing Friends become the biggest new hit since Seinfeld and watching Hilary take home the Best Actress Oscar.

CEO of an Internet Company

In 1999/2000, David was CEO of Litoptions.com – a start up b2b Internet company for the entertainment community. But like most Internet companies, he found the bubble burst in 2000 too strong to withstand. The irony here is that the very summer after closing the company’s doors, David landed the lead role in Wrong Number, opposite Eric Roberts, where he played…..you guessed it; the CEO of an Internet company.

David is a Musician

Some of you may already know that David is a musician. He is credited with having written and produced the theme song for his last TV series, Misguided Angels, along with long time writing partner, Mitch Magonet. But here are some musical performances you might not have realized:

In The Annette Funicello Story, David is really playing the piano and singing as a young Paul Anka. As they were lighting his first scene, someone handed him the sheet music to Put Your Head On My Shoulder and said, “you’ll be playing and singing this.” Guess that musical theory class payed off.

David was also playing and singing live when he serenaded DJ on Full House, which he also wrote the music to.

David’s Free Time

During David’s free time you’ll probably find him at the ice rink, where he plays hockey every week. I guess you can’t take the Canadian out of the actor.

David Lipper

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